Operating your Sunu Band

Sunu Band’s interface consists of two buttons and a touchpad. It works similarly to a smartphone, enabling you to access the various functions (or apps) within the Sunu Band. 

I. The Buttons

Sunu Band has two buttons on one side. They are multifunctional and will help you access various functions within the Sunu Band. You’ll be able to press, double press, and press-and-hold the buttons.

image showing the buttons on the Sunu band

II. The Touchpad

The touchpad on the Sunu Band is the flat top surface. Swiping across the touchpad allows you to navigate between apps. Swiping is done by gently sliding a finger along the touchpad surface. The two swipe interactions are:

Swipe-In:  is done by sliding your finger towards the sonar (or from the logo end to the sonar end of the Sunu Band).

Swipe-Out: by sliding your finger away from the sonar (or from the sonar end to the logo end of the Sunu Band).

The second type of interaction is tapping. Tapping on the touchpad allows you to make a selection or enter into a specific function or app on the Sunu Band.

Tap: is done by touching the touchpad once with your finger.

Tap-and-hold: is done by touching the touchpad and maintaining it pressed for 3 seconds.

Double-Tap: is done by touching the touchpad twice with your finger.

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