What is Sunu Band?

The Sunu Band is a smart-watch and electronic mobility/navigation aid for the blind and visually impaired. Sunu Band uses ultrasonic (echolocation) technology to sense the user’s surroundings and can detect objects up to 16ft (5.5 meters) away. Sunu Band delivers haptic feedback to the user’s wrist to indicate proximity. The device provides various levels of vibration pulses as the user approaches (or gets further away) to obstacles. Its haptic feedback helps guide the user around obstacles in the environment. The Sunu Band intends to augment awareness and perception. Ultimately, Sunu Band reduces accidents to the upper body and the head while improving self-confidence. This smartwatch complements travel with the white cane, guide dog, or any other mobility aid.  

An image of the Sunu Band with its mobile app
image of the Sunu Band with its mobile app.

Sunu Band connects to iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. The Sunu App allows users to customize several functions, receive updates over the cloud, and access a variety of apps. Sunu Band supports navigation through Compass App, Place Finder app, Where Am I? Explorer, and more apps.

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