Sunu App Voice Services

Sunu Voice Services is automatically enabled to allow you to hear some of the important functions of the Sunu Band. Use Sunu Voice to hear the menu of apps, the time,  the compass, Places Categories.

Naturally, all prompts you hear come out of your smartphone’s speakers or any Bluetooth headphones connected to your phone.

Enable or disable Voice Services on Android

  1. Open Sunu Band and go to the Apps tab.
  2. Find Voice Services on the list.
  3. Tap on the toggle switch to turn ON/OFF.

Voice Services prompts are adjustable, you may adjust the speed from the bottom slider; the more you slide to the right, the faster the talking will go.

You can also quickly turn ON/OFF Voice Services from the shortcut located on the Dashboard of the Sunu App.

Enable or disable Voice Services on iOS

  1. Open Sunu App and go to the My Sunu Band tab. 
  2. Find the Voice Service Toggle Switch. 
  3. Double-tap to switch it ON/OFF. 

Notes: You can Press and hold Navigate Button on the Sunu Band to mute and unmute Sunu Voice Services anytime.

Click here to learn how to pair your Sunu Band to your phone.