My Sunu Band Tab

This guide focuses on The My Sunu Band tab found on the second tab from left-to-right on Sunu App for iOS. It gives you full access to all Sunu Band features through this tab.

The My Sunu Band tab helps you customize your experience with Sunu Band; you can pair/unpair, update, calibrate your device. Access Sunu Band information such as battery level and your device’s quick settings. Moreover, you may activate/deactivate Voice Services with a toggle switch, set up alarms, adjust the watch preferences and Obstacle Detection settings. 

You will also find a Quickstart Guide that will guide how to use your Sunu Band through a series of steps where voice prompts advise about each button’s function.  

We will explain the Quick Access Feature and the Sonar Configuration in detail, as they help customize your experience with Sunu Band.

Preferred feature

The Preferred Feature is the feature that starts when pressing the Navigate Button twice. It will trigger the Compass App when your device by default.

Additionally, The Preferred Feature lets you trigger your favorite feature with a double-click on Navigate Button. This option allows you to select your favorite feature and set it up as your preferred feature.

You may handpick among all the options below: 

  • Compass
  • Where Am I
  • Places
  • My Favorites
  • Street Pointer

Lastly, you can use a toggle switch to turn OFF/ON the Compass App when your Sunu Band is not paired to your smartphone.

Features Menu

The Features Menu enlists all features available for you, letting you customize your selection by switching ON all the options you want to access when you open the Menu (By double-clicking the Home Button) on your Sunu Band. 

Currently, all customizable features are: 

  • Compass.  
  • Where Am I.
  • Places.
  • My Favorites.
  • Street Pointer. 

Notes: When you switch OFF a feature option, this option will not be available on Sunu Band until it’s switched back ON.

Sonar Configuration

Within this option, you can adjust the Obstacle Detection settings for Indoor and Outdoor mode. 

A toggle switch is available for you to enable or disable the hand gesture.*

Moreover, a slider bar locates at the bottom to let you adjust the vibrations’ intensity; slide to the left to soften the vibrations, slide to the right to strengthen the vibrations.

*The Hand Gesture allows you to pause the Obstacle Detection mode with a double-tap on your hip.

Wrist Preference

This option allows you to select the wrist you carry the Sunu Band on. 

Although you may use Sunu Band on the wrist that suits you best, we recommend wearing it on the opposite hand of your guide dog or white cane.   

Indoor Mode & Outdoor Mode

Notes: These options only appear when Sunu Band is paired to your smartphone. 

Adjust the sliders 

When sliding to the right, you will be increasing the sensitivity and the distance range. On the other hand, when sliding to the left, you reduce the scope and sensitivity. 

When using VoiceOver, swipe down to move the slider to the left. Swiping up will move to the right.  

Two slider bars will appear when selecting one of the modes; the upper slider bar adjusts the range distance. By default, Sunu Band’s range distance in Indoor Mode is 4 feet. (1.2 Meters). And 16 feet. (4.9 Meters) for Outdoor Mode.

As explained in our Understanding Echolocation Guide, we recommend setting up the detection area in a low setting if Sunu Band vibrates continuously. 

The detection area slider sets a parameter to pick up obstacles depending on how “big” they are. Let’s remember that Sunu Band immediately interprets the size of echoes so you can have an idea of how far an obstacle is. Thus, we are not widening or shortening the scope. Instead, we’re increasing or decreasing the level of detection and protection. 

Use levels from 5 or above for outdoor activities. Such as hiking, or at a park; use level four or less for crowded spaces, subway, supermarket).  

Haptic feedback

In this option, a slider bar will let adjust the strength of the vibrations during Obstacle Detection. 

To soften the vibrations, to the slider to the left. (level 0 with VoiceOver). 

To strengthen the vibrations, move the slider to the right (Level 2 with VoiceOver). 

If you wish to reset the default parameters, tap on Restore Defaults.

Hand gestures

The Hand Gesture enables you to pause the Obstacle detection with a double-tap on the waist. It’s useful in a situation in which you need to nap the sonar sensor without pressing any button. 

This feature allows you to control the Obstacle Detection sensor on the go without interrupting your hands. 

You find a toggle switch to turn this feature ON/OFF from here. 

Haptic Watch

You can select between a 12-hour format and a 24-format. Additionally, a slider bar lets you adjust the watch voice speed. 

You can activate just the haptic feedback, audio feedback only, or both. 

Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart Guide lets you  get step-by-step voice instructions on how to use the band the first time is connected to help you get up to speed in a few seconds.