Street Pointer

With the new Street Pointer feature, you will be able to orient yourself exactly where you’re standing quickly by recognizing the streets around you.

The Street Pointer feature allows you to point your Sunu band or smartphone in any direction and quickly get real-time information of the streets’ names ahead of you. You can turn around and wait for the list to update.

Using Street Pointer via Sunu App

  1. Go to the Navigate tab, and enter Street Pointer.
  2. Allow your Sunu App to load the places in front of you. 

Using Street Pointer with Sunu Band

  1. Enter the Features Menu and select Street Pointer with your touchpad. 
  2. Lift and position your hand in the directions you’re heading.
  3. Voice Service will mention the closest street ahead of you.
  4. Swipe on your touchpad to discover the next street.


  • When using this feature in the Sunu Band, swipe in/out on the touchpad to hear the following or previous streets – in the direction you’re pointing.
  • When using the Sunu App, navigate through your screen using voice services and get all of the streets listed by proximity.
  • You don’t require a Sunu Band to use this feature; therefore, you can quickly orient yourself as long as you have your phone with you.